Thursday, 24 January 2013

#19 'A HERMIT'S MOVIE IV: IN TREES' British Art Show 7

-24th Nov 2011. Immersive Vision Theatre, Plymouth University

(Mirrored poster, designed for IVT lobby plasma screen.)

I was invited to redeliver my performance lecture 'A Hermit's Movie IV: In Trees', devised for the Immersive Vision Theatre planetarium at the centre of the University campus. This time as part of the Constellation series of events supporting the arrival of the British Art Show 7 to the city of Plymouth.

This event marked the end of the Keep Him Talking series.

I have now developed a new, absurdly scaled back version - a kind of talk about that talk - that can be delivered in any interior, using just a laptop, a data projector and a microphone, entitled 'Hermit Movie Rethink'.

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