Thursday, 24 January 2013

#18 'WHAT JUST HAPPENED': Spike Island

-Tuesday 14th June 2011, Spike Island gallery, Bristol.

'What Just Happened?' listing, Spike Island brochure. Design: James Langdon.

I was invited to deliver another version of 'What Just Happened?', my abstracted artists talk, as part of the events programme at Spike Island. As usual, the audience dictated the content of the talk by choosing which works I discussed based only on their titles.

As usual, after a short introduction and explanation of the rules I ask for a show of hands and the first person picks a title. After I've spoken about that work I ask someone else to pick, then I speak about that one, and so it goes on, for about an hour.

This time the artworks selected were:

1: Step Test - With David Blandy, The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim (2004)
2: Raised Particles (2002)
3: The Dad Directives (2008)
4: Popular Problems (2010)
5: Magic Wands (2000)
6: The Least Most (The Most Least) (2009)
7: 90 Minutes Of Whittling (2005)
8: 1.234p (2008)
9: Relaunch Announcement Sculpture (2009)
10: Top Secret UK Airbase From Memory 2004-)
11: Doctor's Note (2005)

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