Thursday, 24 January 2013


-15th Jan 2011 - 27th Feb 2011, Plymouth Arts Centre

All photos courtesy Simon Keitch

Working closely with Education Officer Caroline Mawdsley and Education Assistant Scott Daniels I decided to develop my own version of a resource area for the exhibition.

Above, from left - right: Annotated list of every art work I've made; Full CV; Pending objects from studio that have yet to used in artwork; Source material for works in exhibition; Books related to my practice chosen by others; 'Barry's Family Funtime Quiz'; Anagrams of exhibition title. Foreground: Vitrine tables of book and pamphlet projects.

Above: Rather than select them myself, the books in the Resource Area were each chosen by someone I had encountered in Plymouth whilst on the residency, who now knew something about my practice. 

 Above: As the exhibition title 'Recreate A Nervy Pistol? (An Early Retrospective)' incorporates an anagram I displayed the rest of my shortlist, also giving the visitors a chance to come up with their own, writing down any they found - this taking pace of a comments book.

Left: I also sought the audience's input in 'Barry's Family Funtime Quiz - Or Visitor Experience Feedback Questionaire For Quantitive Analysis & Interpretation'.
Visitors could take them around the galleries, answering all my inquiries and providing sketches of their favourite piece.

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