Thursday, 13 January 2011


-6pm, Weds 12th January 2011, Plymouth Arts Centre

An edition of the monthly film club after a screening of 'Catfish'(2010) focussing on the construction of illusions from found material, deliberatey scheduled during the installation week of my exhibition.

We discussed the impact of the film and it's emotive content, alngside how it might relate to what I was trying to do in the exhibition. I then presented a short selection of films collected from YouTube that I thought had a particular relevance to the idea of negotiating the internet to devise elaborate and engaging fictional narratives.

YouTube film selection:
'Hi Sally' - Tarantino's messages back to his editor filmed on the end of takes.
'Pardon Me' - Maxine Swaby's music video
'Re: Pardon Me' - A response to the original video
'Re:Re: Pardon Me' - 'The Tunnel of love goes on for ever''Re:Re:Re:Re: Pardon Me' - And on
'Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: Pardon Me' - And on
'Press Conference' - Tom Waits announces his Glitter and Doom tour
'The Elephant's Self Portrait'

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