Monday, 17 January 2011

#10 ARTIST FILM CHOICE: 'Rashomon' & 'The Aristocrats'

-Saturday 15th Jan, 2.30pm & 5.30pm PAC Cinema

Given the chance to programme films into the Arts Centre's 60 seat cinema I devised a double bill of two very different films concerned with a story repeated from multiple viewpoints.

Rashomon Kurosawa, 1950) famously unpicks the mechanics of cinema as three witnesses describe their conflicting viewpoints on a crime, The Aristocrats (Provensa, Jillette, 2005) is a documentary about a legendarily obscene old joke retold with elaborate variations by numerous american comedians.

Appropriately, for these two films about subjectivity and hearsay, I had never seem them. Only imaging for some time that they had a relevance to my work in the exhibition. Inbetween the two screenings I screened the only public viewing of the new 2010 segment of my 'The Ongoing Song ...' project. Made with Jeremy Millar - who I met in the galleries earlier in the year - we recorded it over Christmas and the resulting 5 second clip was shown immediately before 'The Aristicrats' title card appeared.

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