Friday, 31 December 2010

#5 'WHAT JUST HAPPENED?' Plymouth College of Art and Design

-18th Nov 2010, 4pm, Studio Theatre, PCAD, Plymouth

(Image: Rachel Dobbs)

I was invited to perform my 'What Just Happened?' talk (where I display the titles of all the 50+ artworks I've made over the last ten years and ask audience to pick which ones I talk about - a format designed specifically for this residency and retrospective exhibition) at Plymouth College of Art and Design.

Over the course of an hour we got through nine works, creating another new set list and route through my practice:

1: Popular Problems (2010)
2: Whittling Station Featuring Wetherspoons Complimentary Condiments (2004)
3: Painted Nature (2006)
4: Hello Sebastian Did You Say A4? (2008)
5: Untitled (Questioning Adults)
6: The Least Most (The Most Least?) (2009)
7: Infinity Camera and Photograph of Infinity (2000)
8: The Ongoing Song … (2008 - )
9: Kitemark and Candles (2005)

I've done a variation of this talk five or six times now; to various gallery audiences, art school students and even some small children.

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