Friday, 31 December 2010

#4 'TOASTMASTERS' Public Speaking Club

-16th Nov 2010, 7pm, Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth

(© Toastmasters International)

Toastmasters international are a global network of public speaking clubs. I found out that the Plymouth chapter had a meeting during one of my visits so was keen to attend.

(The venue; Meeting room, Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth)
Run in a ordered but relaxed manner each evening begins with formal welcome and a short introductory game where members and guests are invited to give a quick improvised comment. Next are a series of scripted short talks by members which are in turn evaluated by individual selected members based on certain criteria depending on their experience; perhaps their style, format or ability to improvise. In a neat twist, these evaluations are deliverd to the group and the evaluation itself is then evaluated; for fairness, observation, succinctness etc...

There are all manner of interesting formal habits to the format of the event. each time someone takes the floor the welcome the Toast Master, the members and guest in order. Each speaker is also applauded from the end of their speech until they take their seat.

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